We are a small family-run honey producer located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our bees reside in a wild-growth forest, maintained without the use of pesticides or chemicals.
    Bees4You is passionate about bees, honey and the remarkable health benefits of our all natural and ethically harvested products.
    Our speciality is 100% raw wild-harvested forest honey. The taste difference between the honey you purchase in a mass market and wild harvested honey is vastly different. One need not be a connoisseur of honey to taste the difference. The reason our honey tastes so wonderful is because the product comes directly from the hive to the bottle and is not pasteurised and does not go through a chemical filtration process. Our North American honey bees are cared for without the use of chemicals or medications.

    Honey bees will utilise different flowers, depending on the time of year. Honey comes in different colours and flavours. The flower where the nectar was gathered from determines the flavour and colour of the honey. From spring to fall, we can offer Wild Flower Honey, Acacia, Maple, and Linden honey, all of which vary in taste and colour and all are delicious and very healthy for the body, mind and spirit!
    Bees4You is also pleased to be able to offer other bee products such as skin care and wax products.